[2024] How to get ATM Card Number from Mobile Number

How to get ATM Card Number using Mobile Number | How to find ATM Card Number form Mobile Number

How to get ATM Card Number from Mobile Number: How to get ATM number from mobile number: One of the best facilities provided by the bank is ATM facility. Through ATM we can get money anywhere and anytime. But many times it happens that we need the ATM card number but in some situations we are not able to get it.

How to get ATM Card Number using Mobile Number

How to get ATM Card Number using Mobile Number

In such a situation, getting an ATM number becomes even more important. Therefore, to help you, we will tell you in this article how to get ATM number from mobile number? The information given in this article is going to be very useful for you in future, so read this article from beginning to end.

How to get ATM Card Number using Mobile Number SBI

If you want to know the ATM card number through mobile number, then you can check by downloading the app of that bank. There are two ways to get ATM number from mobile number and both of these methods are very easy. We are going to provide you the following information about both these methods.

1. Download the Banking app

First of all you have to download the app of the bank in which you have your account. Almost all banks have mobile apps for people’s convenience and you will find most of the banking apps on Play Store. For this, if you go to Google Play Store and write the name of your bank, your bank’s app will appear in front of you. Like I am downloading the BOB Bank app.

2. Login to the Banking app

If you have downloaded and installed the app, then now you have to login to the banking app by filling your information. While opening a bank account, some banks themselves provide you the login information while in some you have to fill the information yourself. This information may include information like your internet banking username, date of birth and password.

3. Select Card Option

There are many features provided in any banking app. One of these is ‘Card Option’ on which you have to click. Almost all banking apps have this feature. You can also check it in your bank’s app. The name of this feature may be different in your banking app but it is the same in all.

4. Select the option of Manage Debit Card

If you have even a little knowledge about banking then you would know that banks do not have only one card. There are many types of cards such as credit card, EMI card and prepaid card etc. You have to find the number of your ATM which is called Debit Card in English. Therefore, in this you have to click on Manage Debit Card so that you can manage your debit card and its information.

5. Now you can see your ATM card number

As soon as you click on the Manage Debit Card option, the information about your ATM card appears in front of you. In this information, your ATM card number, its CVV number and the expiry date of the card will be written. In some apps, first only the last four digits are shown, by clicking on which you have to enter the password and later you are able to see the complete number.

If for some reason you have lost your ATM card, you can call the customer care of the bank and ask them for your ATM card number. They will ask you for some information about you and your bank account and will verify the information. If you call from the mobile number which is registered with your bank account and give a valid reason, then the information about your ATM number will definitely be given to you.

Keep in mind, in case of loss of the card, first of all you should get your ATM card blocked and you should change all the passwords related to internet banking. After this you can call customer care. For your help, we have given you the following customer care numbers of some banks which will be very useful for you.

Name of BankCustomer Care Number
Canara Bank1800-425-0018
Axis Bank1860-419-5555
Punjab National Bank1800-180-2222
HDFC Bank1800-202-6161
Bank OF India1800-103-1906
State Bank Of India1800-425-3800
Bank Of Baroda1800-258-44 55
Bank Of Maharashtra1800-233-4526
Central Bank1800-110-001

Note -: Use the customer care number given here only after verifying it from the official website of the bank.

Conclusion –

To get ATM Card Number from Mobile Number, install the official mobile banking app of your bank. After this login with login ID. Then go to the card section. Select the option of Manage Debit Card there. Then you can check your ATM card number. If you are not able to get the ATM number through the app, then call the official customer care of the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I Check My ATM Card Number?

Some numbers are written on the front of your ATM Card, Actually that is your ATM card number. The back side of the card contains information about its CVV.

What is the difference between Debit Card and ATM Card?

There is no difference between debit card and ATM card. Actually debit card itself is called ATM card. Some people like to call it debit card and some like to call it ATM card.

How to check ATM Card Number online?

You can find out your ATM Card Number by filling your Account Number in the mobile app of the bank in which you have an account.

How to check ATM Card Active or Not?

To check your ATM card, you can go to any ATM and withdraw the statement. With this you will also know your bank balance and whether the ATM card is working or not.

How to check balance from ATM card number?

You can check the balance of your bank account by filling your ATM Card Information in the official mobile app of your bank.

Both the methods of finding ATM Card Number from your mobile number have been explained in detail above. If you like the information given in this article, then definitely share this article with your friends and acquaintances. If you have any question in your mind related to these two methods, you can ask by commenting. We will try to answer all the questions.

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