[2024] How to apply loan from Phonepe online

How to get PhonePe Loan online | PhonePe Loan Apply Online 2024

How to apply loan from Phonepe online, How to get PhonePe Loan online, PhonePe Loan Apply Online: Many online payment apps have come in the market in India. All of which are used in different ways. Everyone’s features are mostly different. All these have one PhonePe app. Friends, in this article we are going to give you all the information related to PhonePe. If you want information related to this then read this article till below.

How to apply loan from Phonepe online

How to apply loan from Phonepe online

Through PhonePe you can easily do digital payment transactions of any amount. This is a UPI based app. It acts as a mobile wallet in your mobile. Through which payment can be made through credit card or debit card into the bank account.

PhonePe Loan Details

PhonePe got the license in the year 2014. In the year 2016, this company was acquired by Flipkart. It is an app based on a unified payment interface. Whose function is to provide payment system. It was launched by National Payment Corporation of India. Which we do not use in electronic fund transfer as per the procedure. You can make any type of online payment through this app. This is a customized app with the effect of e-service.

Through PhonePe you can transfer money through internet. You can transfer money to any bank account through your PhonePe account. Maximum ₹ 100000 can be transferred in 1 day. PhonePe has shared its services with 31 banks in India. You can make payment from your mobile with any mobile number.

How does PhonePe give loan

If you want to take loan through PhonePe and want to know how you can take a loan, for this you only need to have an Android phone. Your phone may be either Android or Apple, both phones will work in which you must have an email ID registered number.

Through which you can download PhonePe on your phone. If you want to take a loan through PhonePe, then follow the step by step information given below in this article, through which you can easily take loan through PhonePe. “How to get PhonePe Loan? How to take loan from phone? How to get loan on PhonePe & interest rate”

Important Points of PhonePe Loan

Loan amount₹10,000 to ₹5,00,000
Repayment period3 months to 5 years
Annual Interest Rate16% – 39%
Processing Fee2% to – 8%

How to take loan from PhonePe?

Friends, if you want to take loan through PhonePe, but You do not know how you can take a loan. Then you can easily get a loan through PhonePe by following these steps.

  • For this, first of all you have to search PhonePe App on Google Play Store and download it.
  • After this, enter your mobile number and OTP will come on that mobile number. Through which you will have to register.
  • After registering the application, you will have to open it by clicking on it.
  • You have to link this app through your bank account.
  • After this you have to download the Flipkart app again from Google’s Play Store.
  • After downloading the Flipkart app, you have to register yourself there also.
  • To register, you have to upload all the required documents. After this, you will get the limit for repaying your loan and the limit for taking loan will also be available from there.
  • After this you have to open your PhonePe App again and click on the option of My Money.
  • So there is the loan you have to take. He has to be selected.
  • Thus you can get loan through PhonePe.

PhonePe Loan Eligibility

You can easily take a loan using PhonePe if you meet the eligibility criteria given below.

CitizenIndian Citizen
Agemore than 21 years
KYC DocumentsAadhar Card, PAN Card
Bank Accountmust have a Bank Account
EKYCmust have a Mobile number linked to Aadhar Card
Upload DocumentsUpload documents as per requirement

Documents required to take loan from Phonepe

If you want to take a loan through PhonePe Loan Apply Online and want to know what documents you will need while taking a loan. Then we are going to give you information about all those documents following. Using which you can easily get loan through PhonePe Loan.

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Bank Account
  • Income Certificate
  • Civil score 700+

PhonePe Loan Interest Rate

If you have this desire in your mind, that you get the loan through PhonePe. But this question is in your mind, that if I take loan through PhonePe, so how much interest will I have to pay and for how many days will you have to return that interest? So let us give this information also. 

You will not have to pay any interest for the first 45 days on the loan given through PhonePe. If you return the loan within these 45 days. Then you will have to return the entire amount. Do not pay any interest on it. But if you do more than 45 days. Then you will have to pay 18% interest on it. Apart from this, if your time period increases further. Then its interest percentage increases further.

Where to use PhonePe Loan

If you have taken loan through app on mobile phone and you want to know where can I use this loan? So friends, you can use loan from PhonePe anywhere. Wherever you wish. You can use phone pe loan to pay Credit card bill, Mobile recharge, Shopping bill, Payment of any bill, Cylinder payment, etc. “How to apply loan from PhonePe online”

Phonepe Loan Customer Care Number | Phonepe Loan Contact Number

Ask PhonePe anything and they help you find the answer. Inquiry time 24 hours. 

Phonepe Loan Customer Care Number: 080-68727374 OR 022-68727374

Conclusion (How to apply loan from Phonepe online)

In this article we have given you information related to PhonePe “How to apply loan from Phonepe online? How to take loan from phone? How to get loan on PhonePe & interest rate? PhonePe Loan Apply Online? We hope that you have got the answer to your question related to PhonePe in this article. If you want to share this information with a friend, then you can share our article through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter.

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