[2023] How to Check Prathama Bank Customer Id – 5 Easy Ways

How to know Prathama Bank Customer Id | How to find Prathama Bank Customer Id | How do I know My Prathama Bank Customer Id | How to know My Prathama Bank Customer Id 

In this article, we will know How to Check Prathama Bank Customer ID.

How to Check Prathama Bank Customer Id

How to Check Prathama Bank Customer Id

What is Prathama Bank Customer ID | Prathama Bank Customer Id

Prathama Bank Customer ID is a unique identification number assigned to a Bank customer. Bank Customer ID is generally used to identify the Bank customer or Bank account holder’s account transactions and other related information.

Bank Customer Id is different from your Bank Account Number, but it is usually associated with the Bank Account holder’s account.

Bank Customer ID is used by the Bank to verify the identity of the Account Holder and to access their Account information.

Bank Customer ID can be the same as your Bank Account Number or can be a combination of numbers and letters.

Every Bank, at the time of opening an account, assigns its Customer ID to its Customer or Account Holder. It is automatically generated by the computer system of the Bank at the time of opening the account.

How To Know Customer ID In Prathama Bank | How to find MY Prathama Bank Customer ID | How to get Prathama Bank Customer ID

How to get Prathama Bank Customer ID: Here are 5 easy ways to know bank customer ID, the details of which are given below.

1.Check Your Bank Statement
2.Check Bank Account Online
3.Check Your Bank Passbook
4.Check your Bank Documents
5.Contact your Bank

Check Your Bank Statement: Your Prathama Bank customer ID is mentioned in your Bank statement. You can apply for your bank statement online using net Banking or by visiting the Bank branch to get the Bank statement.

Check Bank Account Online: If you use Net Banking, you can get your Bank customer ID and other details by logging into your Bank account online. This detail is found in your Account Summary or Account Profile section.

Check Your Bank Passbook: All the necessary details related to the Bank Account are given in your Bank passbook, in which your Bank customer ID is also given. That’s why to know the Bank customer ID, definitely see your Bank Passbook.

Check your Bank Documents: If you have documents related to your Bank account; For example, a welcome letter or account opening documents. Your Bank customer ID may also be given in these documents.

Contact your Bank: You can visit your Bank branch, contact the concerned Bank personnel and get your Prathama Bank Customer ID details from them.

In this way, you can easily find your Prathama Bank Customer Id by the methods mentioned above.

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